Friday, November 22, 2013

SE Asia Route

It took me awhile to decide which route to take, there is so much to see here but it is all spread out.  At first I planned on making one big loop, but most recently decided to change that and head south eventually, down to Singapore, where I will fly to New Zealand.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to visit with a lot of international schools due to the winter holidays approaching, but I hope to see some of the locals ones instead who don't have such a long vacation.

I'm trying to stay off the beaten path to avoid busy roads, but of course that comes at a steep price, lots of mountains for the next month while I make my way across Northern Vietnam and Laos.  After that I follow the Mekong River for quite some time, and then head to The Mekong river delta in Southern Vietnam, completely flat terrain. Thailand and Malaysia shouldn't be too hilly, so it should be a quick ride to Singapore.

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