Friday, November 8, 2013

Pampered by Natura Bisse

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not I have sponsors.  For my day-to-day expenses, I didn’t want help, but for my gear and some critical services out on the road, I did seek out the help of some local businesses and companies based in Barcelona.  My sponsors have been there for me to support me at crucial times on my trip, pampering me some little privileges that makes my trip more comfortable.

Upon arriving in Hong Kong, I visited the Natura Bisse Asia flagship store to replenish my supply of sunscreen.  I’ve taught both Veronica and Patricia Fisa’s children for the past 5 years while working at The Benjamin Franklin International School and they were more than happy to support me with their sunscreen products for my loong bike trip.  Natura Bisse has really top-notch cosmetic and beauty products and they frequent gift teachers with their products.  Teacher are always raving about the products they’ve been given and enjoy trying them out, from lip repair to face cream, eye contour cream, and honey scrubs, and body lotion and sunscreen. 

Although I use their products, I didn’t know a lot about Natura Bisse and the science behind their products. However, my visit at their one-and-only Asian flagship store in the beauty section of Pacific Place in Hong Kong educated me well about their line of products.

May Lou, the store manager, greeted me as I entered their modern beauty studio when I arrived.   I was a bit underdressed as you can imagine with my 3 outfits, but the ladies working didn’t seem to mind at all.  On the wall, mounted was a screen playing a video to promote their “Diamond Experience” a line of creams that rejuvenates your skin.  It was refreshing to see to see Patricia Fisas in the video, a familiar face all the way over in Hong Kong.

May Lou, Natura Bisse Hong Kong

I am a very low maintenance and simple young lady when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be spoiled every once in awhile.  On my first visit, I did a consultation with May Lou to test out some of the different skin products for my hands, arms, and face.  Natura Bisse has several different lines of products depending on your skin type and the desired results.  May Lou found the appropriate line for my skin type, knowing that it is constantly being exposed to the sun and pollution.

Two days later, I went back for my second visit.  May Lou had me do the “Diamond Experience” which is a treatment that uses magnetic particles in a cream and a magnet to remove old and dead cells and rejuvenate your skin.  It was quite an interesting process to watch, but also very relaxing and soothing because it isn’t often that someone massages and rubs my arms and shoulders with all different sorts of creams.  Not to mention, I also had a arm, shoulder, and neck massage, which was quite delightful. 

The Diamond Experience

I wish that weight weren’t such an issue on my bike because I would have taken with me a couple of bag of their products to take really good care of my skin.  But since I can’t do that, I have my essentials which are the diamond experience face cream UPF 50, their body sun cream UPF 30, and a few sachets of body lotion when I’m not out in the sun.  Their creams are such good quality that my skin feels hydrated even after a shower and the cream has been rinsed off, so I can get away with just using Natura Bisse’s sun protection products. 

The different lines of products, too many to choose from!

It’s virtually impossible to avoid getting some sort of color while riding my bike under the sun for 5 to 7 hours every day, day after day.  In fact, I overlooked putting sunscreen on my feet at the start of the trip and after a few days, a sandal tan line appeared and the markings have become more of a permanent tattoo.  With my fair skin and constant exposure to the sun, I have to be really careful.  I usually put on sunscreen first thing in the morning or 2 hours into my trip and then reapply 2 or 3 hours later.  Those two applications usually are enough to avoid any major burns and keep my tan lines to a minimum.  I have yet to put on my bikini but know that when I do, it will be quite the sight to see with my brown and white stripes!

My favorite, Diamond

Thank you Natura Bisse for keeping me protected from the sun and pampering me every now and again with your products!

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