Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tick Tock Tick Tock....Tomorrow it is!

The test ride,....probably should have gone out during the day and climbed a hill!

Actually, today it is as I sit here and write this blog entry. Needless to say with all the trip preparations I haven't been sleeping well, or rather at all!! All I want to do is get on my bike and ride--The last load of laundry is in the washing machine, the house is clean, the panniers are packed, and my clothes for tomorrow are set aside. Compared to all the errands I've been running, pedaling 100km a day is going to be a huge sigh of relief!! Let the fun begin!

La famosa, jaja!!!

David y Miquel de Espaibici ayudandome hacer los últimos ajustes
And it comes to a whopping 15,42 kilos without the Panniers @Velodrom Studio 

How do I feel? Nervous, excited, ready, and....HEAVY--the bike weighs 40 kg (88 lbs.) fully loaded.  As a friend told me today, all I have to do is pretend I've gained about 30 kg.  I put on new tires, have my GPS, a tail light, and even managed to find a place for a bell.  As they say in Spanish, soy una globera total!!

I can't thank my family and friends enough for all their support and encouragement.  I've had total strangers approach me on the street and congratulate me after reading the article in the newspaper, and Despite the emails from my website and messages on my facebook page, reality still hasn't set in.  Hard to believe I'm leaving Barcelona after 10 years.  I always said I'd go home when I get bored, but that word just isn't part of my vocabulary!  I just need a break to follow a crazy dream I have...and if I don't do it now, I won't ever do it!  So instead of saying goodbye, to all my catalan, spanish, and ex-pat friends, think of this as a fins despres, aqui a un parell de anys!  Un beso muy fuerte a todos y gracias por apoyar "la guiri" tanto!

La despedida! I didn't take one photo, but got a picture with everyone!

David, Missy, y Lola

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